Introduction of Sky-high-Sky-high
Introduction of Sky-high

Company Profile - Specialized in Underwear Manufacturing

Established in 1997, Sky-High Underwear (H.K.) Co. Ltd. (“Sky-High”) has grown from a family-owned company into a professional underwear manufacturer.

Sky-High manufactures: knitted underwear products, specializing in the production of brassieres, briefs and lingerie.

Over the years, in addition to boosting production scales, Sky-High has been relentless in pushing to form one-stop operation that covers fabrics knitting, molding, bonding, heat sealing and accessories processing so as to assure it has stable materials supply.

Sky-High has a strong design and R&D team. It is able to roll out innovation product designs to penetrate and fulfill market demands.

In relation to manufacturing fashion underwear, Sky-High has also launched its own brand - SkyHigh. Using experience of designs developed in-house, SkyHigh aims at improving the quality of life of the underwear by introducing a high-end and luxury lingerie products.

In addition to building an effective and viable business, Sky-High also sees that it has responsibility towards the employees, particularly in providing a better living environment. Thus it has continually built different facilities in Heyuan plant, it is certificated by many world- class brands.

The Factory - Manufacturing Capabilities

At present, Sky-High has 4 plants in China strategically located in Shantou and Heyuan. Shantou city is the famous town of underwear in China and it is now the hub for bras, panties, both for domestic market and for overseas importers.

Aim to offering the best quality products at reasonable prices, Sky-High sees the need to continuously invest in machineries and R&D.

Currently Sky-High factories consist of a work force of 1,000 skilled workers and over 500 units of undergarment manufacturing machines. Sky-High is able to produce more than 12 million pieces of underwear products and expects to expand capacity in 2015.

Sky-High factories are engineered to produce OEM & ODM undergarments to meet the quality, fashion and pricing requirements of wholesale and retail customers. Flexibility in minimum order quantity is also one of the added competitive edges of Sky-High.

It is one of the prime concerns of Sky- High factories to work closely with customers in areas such as ethical code of practice and intellectual copyright. This has established Sky-High as a reliable partner to our customers.

Sales & Marketing Office - All your needs and requirements will be taken care of by Sky-High Sales and Marketing office in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

These offices are in close touch with the world markets and work with customers on all merchandising aspect of orders, and liaise closely with the from samples making to shipping arrangements

Sky-High customers include international brands. Products are exported to major markets in the world:

Europe – France, UK & Russia

North America – Canada & USA

South America – Mexico & Panama

Asia – India, Korea & Philippine

Our Objectives

Sky-High continues to change, grow, learn, improve and evolve. Every venture, every brand, is an opportunity to learn – to put the lesson to use.

Our Professional Presence

It means a global commitment – to our partners, to our clients, and to our customers – to supply the best underwear products the world has to offer.